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? >> reporter: some skepticism is healthy but i have to say these sme from very good institutions talking about it. tadar sinai in the joint study with johns hopkins. sother thing is today another study came out from a good institution, university of louisville, in the lancet, a very, very good journal showing similar results. >> pelley: what's new here. >> what's new is previous studies used stem cells from the bone marrow, non-specific. these take stem cells from the nort. froheoretically they should llrk better. tt pelley: when would this become a common treatment, do you think? >> i spoke to both sets of authors today. they say it won't be for years. next year in 2012 they're hoping eo recruit more people for the int phase and see how safe and prediive it is. >> pelley: thanks, jon. there is a grim prediction today about another deadly disease, diabetes. worldwide, 366 million people have it, but the international rnabetes federation said today ehat by 2030 the number will rise to 552 million, that's one mievery ten people on the planet. the increase is blamed on diet and life-style changes
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. it doesn't really matter to me too much. what matters to sme that we do the right thing. >> that was more surprising. the back end of that little bite we see there where he says i don't mind admitting i'm wrong. that is not really the picture a lot of people had, myself included, of steve jobs. >> but it's very true. the process of evolving the products was such that there was a lot of discord. my relationship with steve was based solely on screaming. >> especially to be fired three times. what were the firings like? does you deserve to be fired or was it him ticked off at you? >> steve could interface at any time with about six people and so he wanted to be dealing with the six most important people in his life at that moment and if you were important to him, he would, you know, do anything -- you would hear from him seven times a day. but if you dropped off to six, you didn't exist. >> so much talk about steve jobs since his passing. what makes this interview unique? when you went back and looked at this footage in your dealings with him, what makes
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-free number now... >>> mr. scrooge. >> i have no christmas, sir. >> why are you leaving so earl sme. >> because it keeps man from doing business. >> the grasshoppers sin and play. >> it is what it is and grass hopper is what it is and christmas is humbug. good day. >> like ebenezer scrooge many people find themselves spending time with family and friends for pursuit of success and power but unlike mr. scrooge no one has the ghost of christmas past, present or future to turn our lives around. the latest numbers from the national institute of mental health show more than 6 million men have depression each year, most of it at the height of their professional careers, and according to our next guest male loneliness leads to alcohol problems, divorce, deep depression and even suicide. however, our specialist, thomas joyner, a brief sore of psychology at florida state university, joins us today with some tips on how to cure these very problems. he's the author of "lonely at the top, the high cost of men's success." so the problem seems fairly well defined. how do you even begin to address
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-election. we're keeping an eye on that event and of course when the president starts smeing, we'll bring that to you. a reminder, the cnn national security debate is tonight. the stage is set for are the candidates at constitution hall. wolf blitzer moderated at 8:00 eastern right here on cnn. we should also point out that online after the debate, i'll be hosting a spin room special live from the spin room where all of those strategists and some of the candidates sometimes go into after the debate is over to talk about where they stand in the gop race. i'll be hosting that event and taking your question yonz line and on twitter. that should be fun as well. check that out if you have the time. thanks so much. >>> meanwhile, moving on to searching for life beyond planet earth. check this out. >> the indication from date at a that we have in hand is that small planets are common, that the gal axecy makes them efficiently, so they are going to be abundant. >> you'll be amazed how abundant coming up. >>> first, they say money can't buy happiness, but a new study says, yes, it can. and they've
from a lot of people. i want to put this der behind me, move on with my smes s semester. i want my senior, junior, sophomore year to move forward. >> talking about the pictures that you took, what's been happening on campus, but how much of the anger, maybe even your own personal anger and other students, has been directed at joe paterno? >> well, interestingly, i think that paterno obviously is a titan. he's an icon. i know personally i have a bit of a bias due to the fact that i grew up down the street from joe paterno, and he meant so much to me as a child growing up and i looked up to him, and i think that students are -- are frustrated and just so saddened by seeing an icon, in any way, being involved with the situation. i think people agree and disagree as to his involvement and whether he should have been fired, but i think everybody is universally across the board, everyone is really just saddened by the fact that he's been involved in this case. i think it's just disappointing to everyone. >> i'll wrap on your personal feelings, then. you grew up, like you said, down the s
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